November 18th, 2020

Editorial: Experience and innovation to combat slave and child labor

By Mércia Silva - Executive Director of InPACTO

O National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor turns 15 this Friday, November 19, 2020, amid a huge humanitarian crisis, revealed by a pandemic that exposes the wounds of global vulnerabilities. More than exposing differences and inequalities, this crisis highlights how everything is connected, whether the elites want it or not.

Mércia Silva, executive director of InPACTO | Credit: Disclosure InPACTO / Daniel Guedes

In a globalized economy, with mass consumption and information available to all, production chains are increasingly in evidence. And human rights violations, once considered as isolated niches or ghettos, become open wounds in several countries, showing how much companies, governments and civil society still need to work together to seek equal conditions, alignment of understandings and the construction of global references , with impacts on regional solutions.

In this sense, the biggest contribution that the technical debate that InPACTO has accumulated in recent years, as a legacy of the 15 years of the Brazilian productive sector discussing the role of companies in combating slave and child labor, has been the construction of a technical and measurable approach of this violation, to guide companies and other agents to prioritize risk mitigation actions and also to remedy violations, if they exist.

Thus is born the InPACTO Vulnerability Index (IVI), and with it we inaugurate a new stage in the performance of InPACTO member companies, providing collective understandings about the challenge, technical look at reality, ability to observe real indicators that allow direct intervention and the measurement of short, medium and long-term results expected.

We know that starting a journey is always challenging, but knowing where to go and what indicators we will find along the way, help to show if we are going in the right direction and if in the end, we will be together building a fairer free country and collaborating collectively to eradicate the slave labor and child labor in production chains. We will do this by courageously addressing the vulnerabilities that lead local people to fall victim to this form of labor exploitation.

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Now, it is possible to know the vulnerability of the population of all Brazilian municipalities to locate, measure and mitigate the risk of human rights violations and unacceptable ways of working in productive chains. The InPACTO Vulnerability Index platform is live, visit: https://indicedevulnerabilidade.org.br/

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