September 3th, 2020

European Union: Companies appeal for the legal duty to protect human rights and the environment

26 large companies, business associations and organizations operating in the European Union have positioned themselves in a joint declaration in favor of legislation related to Human Rights and the Environment. The information was released last Wednesday, September 2, by the Business and Human Rights Resource Center, a non-profit organization that operates.

The group, which has multinational brands, says that the measure should reinforce the legal consequences in the event of infractions, promote involvement and actions among partners in the supply chain, and increase the social responsibility of institutions, reflecting on national development.

To learn more, access the note released by the Business and Human Rights Resource Center, available at: https://www.business-humanrights.org/en/latest-news/big-business-makes-joint-call-for-legal-duty-of-care-for-human-rights-and-the-environment/

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