September 17th, 2020

STF maintains disclosure of the dirty list

Last Monday (14), the Supreme Federal Court (STF) determined that the list of employers who submitted workers to conditions analogous to slavery, known as the “Dirty List”, will be maintained.

The list, internationally recognized as an important instrument of the Brazilian state to combat slave labor, was contested by the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers (Abrainc), which questioned the institutional framework and argued that the publication needs to be regulated by a specific law.

The STF voted, by majority, to maintain the list. According to the rapporteur Marco Aurélio Mello, the disclosure is justified by the Access to Information Law, since it is an instrument of transparency. The rapporteur was fully accompanied by ministers Cármen Lúcia, Dias Toffoli, Luiz Fux, Gilmar Mendes, Ricardo Lewandowski and Rosa Weber.

With information from Agência Brasil and Conectas

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